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How to work more efficiently with your annual report

13 december 2021

Annual reports can be time-consuming and stressful for both small and large companies. We go through some of our main tips to streamline the work with the annual report. 

The amount of time required for an annual report varies depending on how much time has been spent during the year preparing. We at Ava work a lot with annual reports and have seen the pitfalls through our experience and knowledge. We understand the importance of having a clear planning and goal picture that makes the annual report even better and work even more efficiently. Here are our top tips to make your job with the annual report a little easier.

Previous annual reports

Producing an annual report is a process that can take time. But going through materials can help one along the way. One step in streamlining the process for annual reports is to take advantage of previous annual reports. On the one hand, we can learn from previous mistakes but also get inspiration about the parts that can be improved. Previous annual reports also present a simpler way of analyzing developments between the years. 

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During the year, it is good to document the work in order to be able to compile information for the annual report in a simpler way. If you miss this step, it can take several hours to try to find the right information. Therefore, it is good to remind employees to continuously document work and save the information in the same place to facilitate the mapping in the annual report. This way, the information is not lost. 

Planning and deadlines

The most important step for an annual report is to plan. Make a clear schedule with clear deadlines to ensure that no time is lost and that all steps are done in good time. Unpredictable problems can often arise that can take a lot of time. A schedule with good foresight means that all deadlines can be met - this despite the problems that may arise. It can also be useful to plan how the report is to be communicated and in which channels.

We at Ava can help you get your message out to, for example, the capital market or other stakeholders who have a need for clear and transparent reporting from your company or organization. Among other things, we have experience with a large number of different types of reports - annual reports, interim reports, and sustainability reports. Both in digital format and in printed edition.


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