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Work efficiently from home

3 maj 2021

1. Pretend to go into the office

The connection between work and going to a workplace can make you more productive. To stay productive, it can be helpful to prepare for the workday by thinking about going to the office. It can be tempting to work from bed in your pyjamas, but do yourself a favour and plan your day as if you were going into the office. Maintain your morning routines, put on work clothes and make a pot of coffee, and you are ready for another working day.

2. Have regular contact with your colleagues

It can be easy to forget about the social interaction you get in an office. Therefore, it can be good to try to keep up with colleagues, regardless of whether you work a lot in a group or individually. Use teams or other digital tools to check in with your colleagues and reconcile.

3. Plan and structure your workday

Start each workday by planning what you are going to do and what times apply. Add meetings and other things to the calendar to get a good overview of what each day looks like.

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4. Select a specific workspace

To increase productivity and increase concentration, it can be good to choose a specific place in the home to work from. It can be tempting to work from the bed, sofa or outdoors, but this can make it difficult to concentrate and make you tired. Therefore, try to find a workplace where you can focus and also work ergonomically.

5. Take breaks

There are many distractions when working from home, so taking breaks to recharge your batteries is essential. Working from home means that you have lived in an environment where you already spend a lot of time. This means that the boundaries of working life and private life are blurred. Therefore, take several breaks a day to be able to focus on work and increase productivity.

6. Schedule the times for when you start and end

Working from home often means that the times for the working day are blurred. Therefore, it is vital to plan when you start and end to maintain normal working hours. To maintain the feeling of separating work and private life, it is important to plan when the working day ends and personal life begins.


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Du behöver aldrig oroa dig för radiotystnad med oss

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