Investor targeting and shareholder monitoring

Investor targeting & shareholder monitoring - your next step to strengthen the bond with investors and optimize your share valuation.


Investor targeting and owner monitoring - strategic approach to effective communication and engagement with investors

Investor targeting - creating value through strategic investor engagement

Investor targeting is more than just reaching out to potential investors - it's about identifying, analyzing and engaging the right investors to optimize your stock valuation and success. It's an art that requires a deep understanding of your unique company profile, investor data and current market conditions. At AVA, we help you design a customized investor targeting strategy and procedure that facilitates your dialogue with both existing and potential investors.

Shareholder monitoring - keeping an eye on your shareholder base

To effectively engage your investors and maximize shareholder value, you must first understand your shareholder base. This is where owner monitoring comes in. Ownership monitoring gives you insight into the ownership structure of your listed company, enabling you to track shareholder changes, identify investor patterns and better understand the sentiment of your investor base. At AVA, we provide accurate ownership monitoring that can help you understand and engage your shareholders in a more effective and personalized way.

We can help you with...

Investor Targeting and shareholder monitoring
Collection and analysis of investor data
Market monitoring and strategy development
Implementation and support in your ongoing Investor Relations

We are passionate about great communication

We see all elements of communication as links in a chain, and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Our vision is to offer listed companies a comprehensive solution so that all the pieces fall into place. 

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