Financial Communication

At AVA, we specialize in improving and streamlining financial communication.

Area of expertise

Financial communication is crucial for a company's success and reputation.

We help companies create clear, consistent and compelling messages for their investors, analysts, employees and other stakeholders. We work on all types of reports and also create procedures for the process that simplify the work and ensure good quality for years to come.

Did you know that?


of investors surveyed consider the annual report to be the most important source of information for investment decisions.
Source: ACCA, Understanding investors (2013)


of investors surveyed believe that the quality of a company's reporting affects the perception of the quality of the company's management. 
Source: PwC, Global investor survey on corporate reporting (2017)
Our expertise

We can design all types of reports and also offer guidance to optimize your communication strategy.

One of our specialties is annual reports, which are one of the most important channels for communicating with the capital market. We can also assist with sustainability reports and digital reports that strengthen confidence in your company and provide a comprehensive overview to investors and other stakeholders. 

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