GRI reporting

GRI reporting strengthens your sustainability communication and gives you an edge in the industry.


GRI reporting - an indispensable part of sustainability communication for listed companies.

The potential of GRI reporting

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a reputable framework that offers companies and organizations guidance in their sustainability work and reporting. By following the GRI standards, you create a transparent and credible picture of your sustainability performance that strengthens your relationship with investors and other stakeholders. This type of reporting helps to strengthen confidence in the company and increases its attractiveness on the capital market. Starting the implementation of GRI now will give you a competitive advantage in the future.

Challenges and requirements of GRI reporting

GRI reporting makes demands on your reporting, but also gives you the opportunity to stand out as a responsible company on the capital market. All companies have different conditions and therefore need customized solutions when it comes to GRI reporting. We at AVA are experts in offering just such customized solutions. With extensive experience in creating meaningful sustainability reporting, we can support you through the entire GRI process, from implementation to reporting. With us as your partner, you get the expertise needed to meet market expectations and stay at the forefront of sustainability communication.

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GRI reporting
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