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With AVA as your partner, social media becomes your most effective tool for communicating your message and building your brand identity.


Social media - reaching your target audience

Social media - a key part of your communication strategy

Social media is now a crucial communication tool to reach your target audience effectively. Social media helps you strengthen your brand, create engagement and increase your reach. With a variety of channels to choose from, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and YouTube, it is crucial to choose the right one to reach your specific audience. At AVA Corporate Communications, we have the skills and experience to design a customized social media strategy that reflects your corporate identity and effectively conveys your message.

Navigating the challenges of social media

Breaking through the noise and reaching the right audience on social media can be a challenge. Questions about which platforms are best suited to your brand, what content to use and how to effectively engage your audience can be difficult to answer. This is where we at AVA Corporate Communications come in. We offer expertise in social media strategy and marketing, helping you navigate through these challenges to find your place in the flow. Together we create engaging content and effective campaigns for platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach the right audience.

We can help you with...

Designing social media strategies
Positioning and branding on social media
Content production and campaign development
Maintenance and monitoring of social media channels
Social media consultancy and training

We are passionate about great communication

We see all elements of communication as links in a chain, and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Our vision is to offer listed companies a complete solution so that all the pieces fall into place. 

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