Media relations

The importance of good media relations is more important than ever in today's society.


Media relations - an invaluable tool for listed companies

The importance of strong and lasting media relations

Media relations play a crucial role in spreading your company's message, creating wider brand awareness and building trust in your organization. Having strong and long-term relationships with the media allows your company to highlight your strengths and achievements, and to proactively address any challenges. By being visible in relevant media, you create a strong impression with investors, potential customers and other key stakeholders. This makes your company more attractive both on the stock market and for recruitment purposes;

Maintaining constructive media relations

Maintaining strong media relations involves more than just regular communication. It requires strategic planning, clear messages and careful preparation to meet journalists' needs and expectations. It also requires knowledge of the latest media channels and the ability to adapt communications to each specific format. At AVA, we have extensive experience in helping companies navigate the media landscape, and we can tailor a PR strategy that meets your unique needs and goals.

We can help you with...

Development of media relations
PR strategy and plan
Production and distribution of press releases
Organising press conferences and contacts with journalists

Vi brinner för riktigt bra företagskommunikation

Vi ser alla delar av kommunikationen som länkar i en kedja, och en kedja är bara så stark som den svagaste länken är. Vår vision är att erbjuda börsnoterade företag en helhetslösning så att alla bitar faller på plats. 

Vanliga frågor och svar

Varför är goda medierelationer viktiga för börsnoterade företag?
Hur upprätthålls starka medierelationer?
Vad innebär det att utveckla medierelationer?
Hur hjälper AVA Corporate Communications företag att skapa en effektiv PR-strategi?

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