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CSRD - the future framework for sustainability reporting within the EU

What does CSRD mean for listed companies?

CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) is an upcoming EU directive that strengthens sustainability reporting for listed companies. Starting from the financial year 2024, the directive applies to large companies of public interest and includes requirements such as double materiality in reporting. It also encompasses more specific requirements on sustainability indicators and uniform non-financial reporting. CSRD provides companies with the opportunity to enhance their sustainability efforts and improve communication with investors and stakeholders, thereby enabling transparency and competitive advantages.

CSRD strengthens your sustainability efforts and communication

The new EU directive for sustainability reporting, CSRD, provides companies with an opportunity to strengthen their sustainability efforts and improve their communication. With the requirements of CSRD, companies can highlight their sustainability performance and goals in a more comprehensive manner in their annual reports. This helps build trust among investors and stakeholders while enhancing the company's attractiveness and competitiveness in the market. CSRD is not just a requirement; it is an opportunity to take the sustainability strategy to the next level and become a leader in the industry.

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