Interim reports

The interim report is a crucial tool for listed companies in an open dialog with investors and other stakeholders.


For listed companies, the interim report is a key factor for ongoing communication with the capital market.

Why interim reports are important

The interim report is an invaluable tool for communicating the company's performance during a given quarter or semester to investors and other stakeholders. These reports offer a regular update on the company's financial position, which creates transparency and confidence in the market. In addition, interim reports offer the opportunity to showcase achievements, emphasize strategy and promote the brand in an ever-changing world.

Meet interim reporting requirements

Interim reports are important for communicating with investors and other stakeholders, so there are a number of rules and requirements that they need to meet. At AVA, we have extensive experience in creating interim and quarterly reports that not only meet all regulatory requirements, but also engage and inform stakeholders effectively. Using modern digital solutions, we can also improve the user experience and make the reports more accessible and easy to navigate.

We can help you with...

Project management and preparation of interim reports
Advice and support throughout the process
Production of digital interim reports
Design and concept development for interim reports
Text production for engaging reports

We are passionate about great communication

We see all elements of communication as links in a chain, and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Our vision is to offer listed companies a complete solution so that all the pieces fall into place. 

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