TCFD reporting

The TCFD framework is a valuable tool for communicating with investors and other stakeholders.


TCFD - An important framework for sustainability reporting among listed companies.

What is TCFD?

The Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) is a framework used to guide companies and organizations on climate-related financial risks and objectives. The TCFD contributes to a better understanding of the complications and risks that climate change can have on companies and businesses. In addition to contributing to the understanding of how climate change and financial risks are linked, the TCFD helps to build strategies on how to manage the risks.

Why report under TCFD?

While most other frameworks primarily emphasize the impact of companies on the environment, the TCFD includes the impact of climate change on the company's operations and financial position. Thus, the framework is closely linked to corporate governance, strategy and risk management. We at AVA can help you with TCFD reporting and support you in the process of integrating the framework into your corporate governance.

We can help you with...

TCFD reporting and implementation
Link to other sustainability frameworks
Advice for companies new to sustainability reporting
Integration of TCFD in financial reporting

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Frequently asked questions and answers

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