A deep dive into OnePagers: analysis and improvements

Murathan Dogan has recently completed his internship at AVA Corporate Communications, specialising in UX. He has conducted comprehensive work to evaluate and improve the user experience of listed companies' websites, and has reviewed and analysed all OnePagers of digital annual reports on Nasdaq mid- and large-cap. By gathering both quantitative and qualitative data through surveys and interviews on stock forums, as well as focus group discussions, Murathan has been able to identify many strengths and weaknesses in OnePagers.

OnePagers: the key to more efficient reporting
OnePagers are digital summaries of essential information from annual reports or quarterly reports that have become increasingly popular. With their ability to provide a quick and comprehensive picture of a company's performance and strategic plans, OnePagers have become a powerful tool for listed companies. For annual reports, this results in a significant increase in traffic and readers.

Analysis and insights

During his internship, Murathan identified several challenges and opportunities related to the use of OnePagers. He found, among other things, that users often had difficulties in finding the OnePagers, and poorly designed menus on IR pages made navigation significantly more difficult, resulting in visitors leaving prematurely. Additionally, it was discovered that many OnePagers were overly dense with information, making them hard to read and understand for most readers.

Positive characteristics and successful examples
On the other hand, several positive characteristics and features were also discovered among successful OnePagers. Attractive design, clear structure, and user-friendly navigation contributed to a positive user experience. Particularly prominent were Addlife, Axfood, Skanska, and SEB, whose digital annual reports were successful with their thoughtful and minimalist design, as well as clear and enticing text and images.

Balance is important
An effective OnePager should offer balanced content to reach its full potential. It is important not to overwhelm the user with too much information, but at the same time, enough information should be presented to spark interest. With an attractive design and a well-balanced text size, OnePagers can give the user a deeper understanding of the content of the report, while providing a positive user experience.

AVA Corporate Communications wishes to thank Murathan for his significant contributions. His work has helped to develop IR web pages for listed companies in the mid cap and large cap segments, as well as develop an effective tool for smooth quarterly reporting. We wish him all the best in his future as a UX designer at Scania.

Good OnePagers
NCC's OnePager offers a structured and accessible presentation of the company's operations and results. With a clear and navigable menu that accompanies the user throughout the page along with interactive elements, it provides the user with the opportunity to explore more detailed information about the company. Visit the page.

Skanska's OnePager stands out with its attractive design and well-balanced information. With its clear structure, adapted text sizes and clear "read more" options on all subheadings, it succeeds in presenting a detailed and yet not overwhelming picture of the company's performance, both financially and in terms of sustainability. Visit the page.

Sectra's OnePager offers a quick overview of the company's annual performance, while also allowing the reader to delve deeper into specific areas thanks to clear CTAs (Call-To-Actions). The intuitive design makes it easy to navigate and find relevant information. Visit the page.

SEB's OnePager highlights a thoughtful design, which emphasises a balance between text and visual information. With a consistently present and clickable menu, it gives the user the freedom to easily navigate through the page. Infographics help visualise and emphasise important information. Visit the page. Visit the page.

Traton's OnePager shows a thoughtful design that combines clear information with interactive graphs and features. This creates a deeper engagement with the reader and facilitates understanding of the company's operations. Links to more detailed reports and presentations are available for those seeking more comprehensive information. Visit the page.

By using One Pagers, publicly traded companies can strengthen their brand, enhance investor relations, and establish a stronger connection with their stakeholders. Are you interested in learning more about One Pagers? Don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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