Ongoing IR work

Create long-term and sustainable relationships with investors through effective ongoing IR work.


Ongoing IR work is a crucial part of a company's success and resilience.

The importance of proactive IR work

The main task of a company's IR function is to nurture and maintain strong relationships with its investors and other capital market participants. Without a solid communication effort, companies risk their trust and reputation, which can affect their ability to attract capital in the long term. By actively keeping the market updated on your performance, you can also avoid strong negative reactions when your performance is not in line with investors' expectations.

AVA as an IR partner

As a communications agency with expertise in IR, we are used to all types of communication with investors. We work daily with regular updates to the capital market in the form of press releases, investor meetings and investor targeting. We offer an opportunity for full-scale integration where we are hired as an IR function. With our experience from different companies and projects, you get access to many different competences and a team that goes the extra mile - for the same price as just one person. 

We can help you with...

Ongoing IR work and strategic advice
Communication advice for large and small clients
Financial communication and investor relations
Adapting IR work to your unique situation

We are passionate about great communication

Vi ser alla delar av kommunikationen som länkar i en kedja, och en kedja är bara så stark som den svagaste länken är. Vår vision är att erbjuda börsnoterade företag en total solution så att alla bitar faller på plats. 

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